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bimep provides WEC manufacturers with facilities to validate the design of their devices as well as their technical and economic viability.

The Basque coast, and more specifically the sea zone opposite the village of Armintza-Lemoiz where bimep is sited, offers ideal wave conditions for these devices to be tested and relatively low exposure to aggressive waves liable to damage the prototypes.

Closed to maritime traffic and all other vessels, bimep occupies an area of 5.3 km². The facilities have been set up at a minimum distance of 1,700 m from the shore, thereby ensuring rapid access to the devices installed. The platform offers 4 berths for devices to be connected to the grid, with a maximum combined power of 20 MW (5 MW each).

bimep is part of the FP7 EU-funded MaRINET network of organisations working together to accelerate the development of marine renewable energy technologies (wave, tidal and offshore wind). Through MaRINET WEC manufacturers are offered free-of-charge transnational access to bimep to test their technology.