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olasLThe minimum technical requirements to be met by all users for the approval of their application to install and subject their technology to a test programme in bimep are set out in the provisions of the Guidance for the installation in bimep. This protocol is designed to ensure the safety of all people involved and in relation to environmental and navigational matters and the bimep infrastructure itself.

The Guidance for the installation in bimep covers the following areas:

  • General design requirements
  • Structural requirements
  • Mooring system requirements
  • Electrical requirements
  • Data transmission requirements
  • Environmental requirements

The users of bimep will be free to propose any measures designed to minimise risk. Such mitigation measures may include:

  • Risk analysis.
  • Laboratory testing of materials, structures, mooring, elements and proceedings
  • Complementary surveillance through the presence of a vessel permanently moored in the bimep sea zone.
  • Surveillance provided by additional specialised staff in the control centre.
  • Resources enabling fast disconnection of the device from the mooring system and the power cable.
  • The ability to remove (uninstall) the device in certain storm conditions and/or during the period of most adverse sea conditions.
  • Taking out additional guarantees through insurance.

Compliance of the user with the acceptance protocol will be checked by an independent body.

All assessments and certifications awarded by classification societies submitted by the user will be of use in the process of checking the user’s compliance with requirements necessary for authorisation to install their device in bimep.