bimep will provide WEC manufacturers with the facilities and necessary infrastructure to test their equipment or to demonstrate its potential to harness ocean energy.

barco-boya-bimepbimep offers the following services:

1. Occupancy.

  • Hiring testing facilities, office space for monitoring purposes and warehouse space for storing equipment, instruments and diverse components.
  • Fixed monthly cost depending on the footprint, power, time period and technological readiness (maturity).
  • Guaranteed confidentiality of office data.

2. Information

  • Historical and geophysical data
  • Real time data on oceanographic parameters and power generation (SCADA application)
  • 24, 48 and 72-hour forecasts on wave conditions, to help organise operations, plan power generation and anticipate emergency situations.

3. Safety

  • Verification of technical requirements for installation, to ensure the safety of all people involved and in relation to environmental and navigational matters and the bimep infrastructure itself. Independent checking of aspects related to maritime design requirements and other electrical and environmental aspects.
  • Alarm monitoring: the position of the device and power output quality
  • Surveillance of devices
  • Management of emergencies


4. Power generation

  • Dry grid connection through simple connectors (one-to-one).
  • Management of the sale of the power produced by the WEC. All revenues are assigned to the user.
  • Analysis of power output quality.

5. Verification

  • Checking the quality of measurements
  • Construction of the power matrix.
  • Assessing the energy performance of the WEC, capacity factor and/or collection width
  • Estimated performance in wave conditions different from those measured.

6. Outsourcing work at sea

  • Towing the devices.
  • Support in maintenance tasks

7. Technology

  • Advanced data analysis.
  • Verification of mechanical, electrical, oceanographic and environmental aspects.

8. R&D+i

  • Launch of collaboration projects to develop enabling technology, resource assessment and environmental and pre-regulatory aspects.