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bimep_instalaciones bimep provides manufacturers of ocean energy devices with the opportunity to install their equipment in open sea conditions for demonstration and operational (power generation) purposes or for testing.

The characteristics of the sea in this part of the Bay of Biscay are ideal for testing the effectiveness of new wave energy devices and technologies being developed by companies throughout Europe.

Key characteristics of the platform include:

  • 20 MW of power
  • 4 connection points for WECs.
  • Easy WEC installation, testing and operation.
  • An associated research centre

bimep is equipped with modern subsea infrastructure for onshore grid connection and a comprehensive remote monitoring and control system for the systematic compilation and analysis of data on the systems being tested at sea.

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Offshore infrastructure and equipment


  • Marking buoys delimiting the test area.
  • An oceanographic buoy equipped with several different sensors to monitor atmospheric and wave conditions and provide information on the marine climate.
  • Subsea power and control cables (4 cables of 5MW each) connecting the 4 berths with the onshore substation.
  • Converters and electrical connection systems: 4 lines of 13.2kV/5 MW. Several WEC’s could be connected to each berth.
  • Subsea interconnectors. Each WEC is connected by refloating the dynamic cable and attaching it to the umbilical cable.

Onshore infrastructure and equipment


  • Subsea cable landing point.
  • Substation equipped with 2 20 MW 13.2/132 kV of 25 MWA transformers with protection and control panels.
  • Electrical installation: from the landing point to the substation (4 x 13.2kV / 5MW), and from there to the power grid (1 x 132kV/20MW).
  • Monitoring and control system.
  • Research and Data Centre.
    • Offices for WEC manufacturers with equipment under test, and for personnel of the Centre.
    • Data monitoring system.