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About the BiMEP site

BiMEP is an infrastructure for testing prototypes of ocean energy collectors and auxiliary equipment on the open sea. It is located off the coast at Armintza.

Operating since June 2015, BiMEP provides technology developers a site with suitable wave and wind resources for testing the technical and economic viability of different concept designs, offering security before advancing to the full-scale commercial phase.

Technical Characteristics

The Cantabrian Sea offers exceptional conditions for testing the effectiveness of new mechanisms and technologies for harnessing wind and wave energy

Four 13.2 kV/5MW subsea cables fitted with optic fibre.

Onshore substation fitted with 25 MVA 13.2/132 kV transformers.

Resource measurement using an oceanographic buoy and floating Lidar system.

Dry mate subsea connectors.

Possibility of feeding in low voltage power (690 V).

Area restricted to the shipping with perimeter beacons.

Topographical characteristics

Depths at the test site range from 50 to 90 metres. The sea bed is mostly sandy with rocky areas.

BiMEP bathymetry Download PDF Geofísica BiMEP Download PDF

Resource measurement

Historical data from the metocean buoy installed in the area since 2008 are available for downloading using the Download tool.

Data log.

Wave data for free surface analysys.

BiMEP metocean analysis for offshore designs.

Resource forecast

Access the tool

What do we offer?

As a test infrastructure, BiMEP has been designed to allow testing and demonstration of:

Wave energy devices.

Prototypes of deep water fixed foundations for offshore wind turbines.

Auxiliary equipment and sub-systems .

Prototypes of floating platforms for offshore wind turbines.

Offshore wind turbines.


The services on offer during the different test process phases are:

Site at sea to be occupied by the device and its mooring system.

Fibre optic connection between land and device.

Updated information on sea conditions.

Boat-taxi service for accessing the device.

Marketing of the power generated.

Support in seeking local suppliers and financing.

Electrical Infrastructure for connecting the device to the grid.

Onland office.

24 hour surveillance and marine emergency management service.

Assistance by tug in the event of emergency.

Support in designing marine operations.

Trial requirements

BiMEP has all the necessary licenses for testing devices marine energy collector devices.

In order to help ensure suitable levels of safety for personnel, the environment and shipping, certain minimum technical requirements must be met. These are listed in the BiMEP Installation Guide.

Download PDF

Who are we?

The team at BiMEP comprises the following people:

Yago Torre-Enciso


See profile

Dorleta Marina


See profile

Where are we?

The BiMEP offices are located in the coastal town of Armintza (Lemoiz)